Senior Software Engineer

Project Location(s): Remote. Will need to be onsite at client location after COVID-19.
Education: Bachelor’s or higher in Computer Science or Engineering is required
Compensation: $80K - 85K per annum

Employment Type: Full-Time
Interview: 1 Phone Screen interview
Number of Positions: 5

Top Candidate Skills/Years of Experience

  • 1. Experience .Net & .Net core 5+
  • 2. Experience with React or Angular 8
  • 3. Experience with Azure/AWS Cloud
  • 4. Experience designing and building distributed systems.
  • 5. Must have knowledge of algorithms
  • 6. Critical Thinking- understand the problem, the impact, and determine a solution


  • Have you been involved in large scale distributed project that has online presence?
  • Please summarize your personal work in the above project.
  • How many people were involved with that project?
  • How would you describe your role in the team?

Screening Questions must be filled and emailed to us along with resume, Legal Full name and Photo ID to