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AWS Course Syllabus 2021

Section 1:
Fundamentals of Cloud Computing
❏ Introduction to Cloud Computing
❏ Cloud Environment Architecture

Section 2:
Infrastructure & Networking
❏ Introduction to Amazon Web Services
❏ AWS Global Infrastructure
❏ Introduction to Network Switches & Virtual Private Cloud
❏ VPC & Subnets
❏ Internet Gateways, VPC Peering & NAT Gateways
❏ Understanding AWS Security Groups
❏ Launching our first EC2 instance

Section 3:
❏ Introduction to Block storage mechanism
❏ EBS Snapshots
❏ EBS Volume Types
❏ Introduction to Simple Storage Service (S3)
❏ Features of S3

Section 4:
Elastic Load Balancers –
❏ Understanding High Availability Configuration
❏ ELB Configuration
❏ Auto Scaling

Section 5:
Identity & Access Management
❏ Understanding the IAM Policies
❏ IAM User, IAM Policy and IAM Role

Section 6:
Relational Databases
❏ Introduction to Relational Databases
❏ Creating our first database structure in MySQL
❏ Getting started with DynamoDB

Section 7:
Domain Name System
❏ Introduction to DNS
❏ Understanding DNS Records
❏ Introduction to Route53

Section 8:
Aws Lambda and API
❏ Getting started with AWS Lambda
❏ Introduction to API
❏ Understanding working of API
❏ Building our API with API Gateway

Section 9:
Building Scalable Applications
❏ Introduction to Message Brokers
❏ Understanding SQS
❏ Understanding Simple Notification Service (SNS)

Section 10:
Monitoring –
❏ Understanding CloudWatch
❏ Auditing AWS environment with CloudTrail