Azure Cloud Devops

This DevOps training is completely hands-on and designed in a way to help you become a certified practitioner through best practices in Continuous Development, Continuous Testing, Configuration Management and Continuous Integration, and finally, Continuous Monitoring of software throughout its development life cycle.

Azure Cloud Devops Course Syllabus 2021

Section 1:
Introduction to Azure DevOps Services
❏ What is Azure DevOps services?
❏ Services in Azure DevOps services. (Conceptual)
❏ Azure DevOps organization settings in detail.
❏ Free MS agents, Private agents, Agent Pools in Azure DevOps, Create an agent pool and private agent.
❏ What should you know before creating a Project?
❏ Lab: Create a project in Azure DevOps.

Section 2:
Azure Repos
❏ What is a version control and why use it? (Conceptual)
❏ What type of version control repository supported in Azure Repos? (Conceptual)
❏ Most common is git, some basic things you should know about git. (Introduction)
❏ Lab: Create a git repo in Azure Repos.
❏ Git branching strategy, a practical approach towards git flow.

Section 3:
Azure Boards
❏ What is Azure Board? (Concepts)
❏ Introduction to Agile. (Concepts)
❏ Following agile in Azure DevOps.
❏ Quick Start creating Iteration, Sprint, User Stories and Task.
❏ How Azure board help your agile team.
❏ Lab: Create Iterations, Sprint, User Stories and Task.
❏ Some basic integrations with Azure Board and other Azure DevOps services.
❏ Lab: Attach a User Story with code change

Section 4:
Azure Pipeline
❏ What is build? (Conceptual)
❏ What is Azure Pipelines (Conceptual)
❏ What is CI CD. (Conceptual).
❏ Creating build definition from Visual editor and YML. What is task in build definitions. (Practical and advance)
❏ Build Agent, Variables, Task groups and other settings in Pipeline.
❏ Lab: Release tasks creating a release pipeline, what are stages and how to use it in release pipeline.
❏ Lab: Build and release pipeline variables.
❏ Some basic configurations when using Azure DevOps services to deploy on Azure cloud. (Concepts)
❏ Service endpoints, Azure DevOps extension marketplace and other integrations.
❏ Lab: Create a basic build and release pipeline with a Infra as code example.

Section 5:
Azure Artifacts
❏ What is Azure artifacts? (Concepts)
❏ When to use it? (Concepts)
❏ How software development practice uses this service and how it can be adopted in infra as code practice.
❏ Lab: Creating Azure artifacts feed and consume it in a build pipeline.