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Quality Deliverance

We believe in delivering quality products to our clients by assuring all their project specification in the best industry competitive price. Vitesse Group can secure your data very confidentially

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During Discovery, Designing and Development phases, our technical team always there to provide suggestions and edits that improvise their product in the best possible manner.

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Excellent Support

We are always there to assist our clients in every possible manner at each project phase. Our technical team works hard to ensure that the final product meets clients’ expectations.

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About usAbove all, we believe that real change is possible and that tomorrow doesn’t have to be like today.

Vitesse Group, Inc. was established to connect industry and technology. We don’t just take your business to the next level; we make sure you have the tools you need to succeed beyond the next level. Whatever your technological need, we have the know-how. Our experts specialize in project management, application development, application management, support and maintenance.


Commitments (Integrity, Performance and Excellence)
  • Integrity: trust is at the foundation of our relationships with our customers and our suppliers
  • Performance and excellence: we value high quality performance and aim for excellence in all our transactions
Quality and value of services
  • We bring value through quality of our services and our competitively priced products

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A safe workplace is a priority. Employees feel more confident knowing they work in a safe environment and with that comfort, productivity follows suit.


The best technology in the world is useless without the proper people driving it. We’ll start out as your chauffeur but our goal is to get you comfortable in the driver seat. Ut


In a constantly evolving market it’s imperative we keep up with the latest technology to help your business reach its full potential


We believe exposure to a broad range of industries and solutions enables our consultants to speak to best practices and also think outside the box when necessary.

Strategy Development

Perhaps the most important strategy will revolve around your customers. This should encompass sales and marketing, but also customer retention and experience. Your customer strategy should include who your customers are, where and how you’re likely to find them, what problems your business solves for them, what kind of marketing they tend to respond to, a sales funnel to convert them from prospects to sales, and a process to nurture those relationships for future sales.

An IT strategy plan is a guiding document for a company’s IT organization. It defines the overall goals, the strategies that support those goals, and the tactics that are needed to execute those strategies.
Each section of the IT strategy plan focuses on one strategy and describes specific activities needed to implement that strategy. Think of it as a high-level project plan for realizing a strategy.

Technology has indeed been a boon for marketers when it comes to trying out new ideas BEFORE introducing something new to the market. What’s kind of interesting to us, though, is that so much of the discussion of using technology to improve new product success has been mostly limited to testing different configurations of new products and services. But why stop there?
While finding the right new product or service is a pretty high hurdle in and of itself, there’s also the marketing plan and the often overlooked execution plan to consider. Because it’s so often done on the fly these days, we thought we’d focus on pointers for nailing execution in this post.

Vitesse Group, Inc. was
established to connect
industry and technology.


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